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Cold calling is one of the most feared activities in the sales process, even the most seasoned professionals try to avoid doing so. The reason for such an approach to cold calling is obvious, it is not an easy task, it takes more than 8 cold calls to reach a live prospect on the phone.  (Source: Hubspot ).

Calling up a complete stranger who in all possibility is least interested in your proposal and convincing them to engage in your services is a hard task. Usually the responses received by sales executives are negative and hostile and only a handful of the approached prospects actually are roped in. Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment. (Source: Leap Job). Overall the entire process is extremely consuming both mentally and emotionally.

A proper approach can help improve your chances to talk to more customers and can generate more sales. It can set most problems right !

We present to you the ways in which you can master the art of cold calling :


There are a whole lot of people out there but not everyone can benefit from your product. Locate the individuals who are of interest in you, focusing on a certain group of prospects can increase the success rates as these are individuals who can benefit from your product and if communicated properly then there are high chances of them buying the product. Narrowing down your targets saves your time, money and energy while boosting your success rates.


Research well before approaching a possible prospect, know all about their interests and requirements and in case you’re dealing with a company then do a thorough background check.Getting personalized proposals piques the interest of your prospects and keeps them hooked to the call. It also gives off the information that you’re genuinely interested in providing them with your services which solves their specific issues.


Realize that you have a limited time period in which you can catch your customer’s attention, so prepare in advance your strategy of handling the call. Write down a brief introduction to the product along with its attractive features, next prepare a set of questions which may be directed to you by the customer prepare their response in advance. After making a call following this approach judge the areas in which you went wrong and make an effort to rectify those mistakes in the next call.


Your body language affects your tone. Thus while making a sales call always keep in mind to have a positive body language ,  while making a call be sure to smile remind yourself that the your customer can really hear your smile and your vibes are literally being transferred to the client along with these maintain a steady and confident stance having a sloppy body language is reflected in the call. Remember that a lot of your calls destiny relies upon your own body language.


Whatever said and done cold calling is one hell of a task. You’re met with numerous rejections and criticism, this may make you doubt your abilities as a salesperson. Hold on to hope during those times remember that it is all a matter of adequate practice, every call that you make takes you an inch closer to becoming a better salesperson. Making calls helps you realize your shortcomings and gives you an opportunity to work on them and lots and lots of practice is the sole way in which you can master the art of cold calling.