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Our ingredients to your success

Outstanding Sales PRO: Online Training and coaching rolled into one.

Our approach to your sales success is 2 fold. We focus on the sales process as well as its execution. The image below shows, the key steps we take in the online training and coaching program – Outstanding Sales PRO.


We work with you to define your goals and develop an action plan to achieve it. Though frequent follow-up, we keep track on your progress and based on your experience and challenges, we work with you to provide an alternative option.

In the sales training, we concentrate on helping you in establishing a sales process, like setting SMART goals, customer presentation, prospecting techniques, sales funnel etc.. A training module consists of:

  1. Bitesize lessons – This keeps the focus on the key topics thereby making it easier to understand and saving your time and energy.
  2. On the Job challenges – This enables you to quickly integrate the newly acquired knowledge or skill.

The sales coaching is done through:

  1. 1-to-1 Skype session
  2. Email feedback & reminders
  3. Regular motivational and best practice content.

Our program is designed to help you develop a winning habit and stay focused on your goals. The skills acquired through bitesize lessons assimilates through on the job challenges and the coaching keeps you on track.

To find out more and get more information, feel free to write to us: info (at) skillfullpro(dot)com

We would love setup a skype call to see how we could help you.


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