Selling is tough, but your dreams are more important

Increase your Sales

Learn and Implement the scientific approach to sales by following the sales process. Your Virtual Sales Coach will track your learning curve and guide you through the process. 

Save Time

Do the training at your own pace. The bite-sized learning modules make it easier for you to fit it into your daily schedule.   

Increase your Profits

Our mentoring helps you increase your sales and thereby your profits. Our 1-to-1 support ensures that you get better at selling.

About the Training

As a Salesperson, the challenges that you face in your career could be a combination these:

Challenge 1: Time and Resource constraint.

Challenge 2: Ability to handle Rejections and Discouragement.

Challenge 3: Managing your "optimism" in this ever-changing business environment.

Well - we have the solution for your problem. This course is built for you. We will help you overcome the above-mentioned challenges.

How does it work?

Outstanding Sales PRO is an Interactive Online Sales Training and Virtual Personalized Coach with a blend of:

  1. bite-sized sales lessons
  2. real life challenges
  3. weekly feedback through email or Skype.
  4. In addition, based on your situation, we will regularly provide you customised PRO tips to deal with your unique situation.

Our Objective

Action oriented Learning.

Once you enrol in the Training, We will be your partner for the next 4 months. At the end of each lesson, you will be asked to complete certain tasks, using the templates provided by us. We will follow-up with you on email and/or Skype /Telephone regarding your progress. If needed, we will give you challenges/ quests to meet your specific need.

We do a complete Pre- & Post- Training review to track your performance.

The total duration of active Training and Virtual Trainer support is 4 months.

30 day 100% money back Guarantee , if you are NOT satisfied with our services.

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